Character Profiles

You can click Allanah, Sabastian and Heather's picture for the original manga-style profile ^_^
Allanah Kurishima

Allanah is the main character and narrator of the story. She is a usually happy eleven year old girl who is a little unsure of herself in new surroundings. She is kind and caring, a bit shy, and at times very emotional, but she can always help someone else in need.
As the story progresses she reveals her more sentimental and somewhat saddened side. She lives with her Mom, Dad, older brother Andre, and younger brother, Mike. Allanah's ethnicity is part Canadian part Japanese on her mom's side.
Sabastian Medigo

Sabastian is the supporting character but the manga could also be about him. He is Allanah's second real friend (Heather was the first ^_^,) and at first comes across as just a regular eleven year old boy. But as in all mangas, stories, whatever you happen to find that has depth to the writings, there is more then meets the eye. Sabastian is very kind, and quiet most of the time but Allanah always seems to brighten his spirits.
The first half of the story does revolve around him, and is the ongoing theme, so I think he might be an even more important character then Allanah. So for all you Sabastian haters out there, booooo ^^;;
Anyway, he lives with his Mom and younger sister, Edele. He is part Irish and part Isreali (weird mix =p) And no, I'm not telling where his dad is ^_^
Heather Lee

Heather is an eleven year old girl who is pretty hyper and confident. She talks to everyone and anyone, and sometimes doesn't leave them alone @_@ She was Allanah's first friend, and helps reassure her. Heather is kind, hyper, confident and always there for you. She has a tendency to bug a certain someone named Nick. ^_^
Heather is my comic relief character for most of the first half. She is Chinese-Canadian and lives with her Mom and Dad.
Mike & Edele

Mike is Allanah's 5 year old brother. He started kindergarten on the same day as she started junior high, and met Edele when she met Sabastian. Edele is Sabastian's 5 year old sister. Coinicidence? ^_^
What can I say about them? They're cute! They aren't annoying like some five year olds, and they love to sing pop songs. Oh, and they hate the Backstreet boys :)
Mikey looks more Japanese then Allanah, neh? Same ethinty. And Edele is a red haired Irish lass. ^_^

Mrs. Kurishima is Allanah, Mike, and Andre's mom. She is a doctor, which is a big part of this story later on.
She is loving to her children, but sometimes gets too involved with her work, and becomes uptight, and neglegient. Mrs. Kurishima is 34 and is Japanese-Canadian.
Nicolas Rossdale

Nick is a supporting character with the wonderful role of comic relief. He is better at it then Heather, or sometimes they work together ^_^.
He is also eleven, and is a 'skater dude' as Allanah calls him. He always wears this little beanie hat with a kitty on it, and him and Sabastian seem to have been good friends for a long time.He is a bit of a dummy, and some what out of it, but he is kind in his own Nick kind of way, and would always be there for both Sabastian and Allanah.
Andre Kurishima

Andre is Allanah's older brother. He is fourteen, and a big bully ^^;; There is suspicions he is involved in a gang, which only Allanah is aware of. Andre is cold, distant, and at times mean. He is mysterious in his own way, but he acts like a kid around his family for the most.
Mrs. (Anna) Medigo

Anna (as she prefers to be called), is Sabastian and Edele's mother. She is quiet and kind like Sabastian, and really isn't in the story much. But this story is about her too, and dedicated to all the other people like her.
Anna Medigo is 32, and she is Irish. Edele looks just like her ^_^

Chedder is Allanah's cat. He is a cat so he is very independent <3.
He hates everyone, and only warms up to people when they're quiet and still. Allanah found him when he fell off a roof, and her family fed him pieces of cheese because Mike threw them at him. Hence his name.