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Comic Links

This is a great page with tons of art and a manga all done in CG. She has her own unique style, and mainly uses painter to create shiny, cell-quality works of art.
There are two mangas on this site; Star Child, and it's sequel, Star child 2.
It's a classic shojo story with boy meets girl; but it involves a sci-fi element when the main character, Hoshiri starts to discover more about herself, and the connection between the two new people she has met.
This is the first place I went to that had an oekaki board and the webmistress is really great! I go there every day and I suggest you do the same. You'll probably see me on the oekaki board there too ^_~

I've just started coming here, but I already love it.
Ponju has made an enjoyable comic called 'Piggy Hunter' about a girl and her pig....her flying pig.
With manga quality art, adorable characters (and piggies ^.^), and a wonderfull webmaster whom you might have seen on my message board, this is truely a site you'll want to come back to again and again.
You might see me on the message board here too, and look for my link in "kickass" webcomics ^^

If you haven't heard of Megatokyo you must be living under a rock.
The 'Disney' of online manga, Megatokyo is high quality, traditional and cg art with a story about two "otaku" who end up stranded in Japan, and the trouble they get into. (That's alot for Largo the gaming talking second character ^___^)

This site has serveral comics all with amazing full colour art and interesting plots.
It can also be read in French or English.

Great comic hosted by Keenspace that somewhat resembles Evangelion in style and plot, but is still a good read. I'm looking forward to when the artist will branch off into its own story. ^_^

"Move over magical girls...there's some new boys in town." is the motto of this cute, major shojo manga where the boys are blessed with magic, weak will, insecurities, and the incredible urge to be sailormoon ^^;
Clamp style art makes this comic one the most unappreciated mangas I've seen. The art is great, and more people should check it out.

A great manga with full colour pages about a girl who is visited by an elf who won't leave.
It caught my eye because of the orignal style of painting with Painter and creating a magnificent piece that resembles a real canvas painting every page! The artist recently dicontinued this style which has made me sad, but check it out because the elf resembles Sabastian somewhat ;)

It's hard to find Shojo manga in Canada and the States, and unfournatly there's not much on the internet either. Unless you go here. This site is amazing!
The art is that of pro manga ka but she's an amateur like us too^^ If you like Kenshin, Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne and of course Shojo manga go here and you'll get what most Nakayoshis and Ribon bring out every week.

Nate is cool! This is a really cool manga about a futuristic world. I love the very original character designs, and on top of that it's in colour! Wai! Go see now!

If you havent' heard of the MsMatchers yet... you will. This is a comic based on real things that happen but it's just so funny ^.^ The two sisters themselves are really upbeat, enthusiastic souls. Come see!

Tea! I love tea! And if this is you (or even if you don't) be sure to check out Tea club. It's just so cute :D
I really like the art too o_O

This is the newest comic I've started checking out, and I love it! The art is sooo soo good and the story.. well lets just put shojo love story and supernatural thriller together. It's amazing! I can't wait for the next update XD

This is a neat comic with some pretty good art about a thief in a big city (or as they state ^^) but there's more to the theif.
The character designs are pretty cool, so come check this out! Also there are a whole bunch of anime pages there too ^_^

Daydream Earth is being written and drawn by my IRL friend, Lyse. She has the most amazing style and the story looks really promising. Maybe we'll do a collab work, neh?

Comic resources

Art links

This is a great site in both Japanese and English by a friend of mine from Japan. He's the nicest person, and you'll love his art:D
Check out his oekaki bbs and you'll porbably see me on there too^^