The Story

Original Story
The original story of this manga was a novel that I spent a span of 6 months writing in the 9th grade when I was 14 on pretty Lovely White notebook paper ^_^. I am now in the eleventh grade and 17 and I have nothing better to do but turn it into a comic ^^;;
There really isn't a difference to the both of them. I may have added more to the comic, and the story was narrated by Allanah (the manga is too, but not as much) and I've been told by the readers of the story that for whatever reason (keeping in mind I cut nothing out), the manga is more lighthearted @_@.
Manga Story

Security Blanket, or Iyashi no Mofou, as it has been kindly translated to by my friend, Katoh, is a shoujo story. There's no doubt about that. But you won't find flowers. I'm too lazy to draw flowers. If you find a flower, e-mail me and I will draw you another flower to go along with it.
Anyway, as I said the manga is narrated by a young girl named Allanah. She's 11 in the manga, so we'll leave it at that. She is a friendless, shy girl who makes her first friends on the first day of junior high through a series of strange incidents ^_^;;
One of her new friends happens to be a boy, named Sabastian who is somewhat shy too. They're both insecure (hence the name) with themselves, and become close friends.
There is more to this manga than a simple childhood love story. There is a lot about illness and death. Because my story is about growing up, those are some of the things most people have to face as they grow older and face the world. Don't think it's going to be all sad, it's not. There are ups and downs like just like real life ^_^.
That's all I'm going to tell you now. Because "sometimes it's better not to know everything, until the time comes."